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Preference: Work alone or with a crew?

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What's your preference? My partner and I are total opposites when it come to this, in fact it can be downright frustrating. I'm the type that likes to work alone when possible. It's not that I don't like people because I do like having other people on the job site, but when it comes to actual work I like to have it to myself. More often than not I believe that you are most effecient in terms of total man hours working on a given project alone. Obvioulsly thier are time is doesn't work.

My partner on the other hand is where my frustration often sets in. You know the old joke "how many __________ does it take to change a light bulb?" Well my partner would call this teamwork. I swear this jokes runs through my head at least once a day working with him :laughing:

So aside from me venting a little bit, what your preference?
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:laughing: I'm the exact opposite of you guys, I'm trying to get out of working at all!
Very Funny!!

I like to work alone for the most part. There have been a couple times I have worked with a couple guys and we just rocked. I think it depends on who you have working with you and if you will have to baby-sit them.
I always prefered to work alone. Kinda hard when whippin' 4x12 sheets above your head though. My first three years in business I worked alone. Busted my a** but I got it done. Time came where I couldn't handle the work load anymore, however by the grace of God a guy I worked with for 10 years and has been a great friend also, had enough of the company he was at and I used to be at, and was looking for something else. So I brought him on, and it was a pleasure. He is now my forman. I made the decison to bring on a few guys as my workload needs it. I now have 5 guys and I couldn't be happier with my group of guys. I have 2 full fledged mechanics, who are compotent in Metal Framing, Drywall hanging, Drywall Finishing, and acoustical installations. 2 guys who are hangers and finishers, but are coming along nicely with the metal framing and acoustical aspects. and one grunt who truely has a desire to learn the trade. I guess I just got lucky;) . I still work in the field..alone when I can, usually doing the ceilings and punch out while the rest of the crew moves to another job. So I guess if it were still just me, and my workload didn't warrent a 5 man crew. Knowing what I know now I would work with one other, skilled and compotent mechanic.
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95% of the time I work alone.

If I signed a big job I'll use up to a 5 man crew
Teamwork, try putting up roof trusses on your own! Bloody alkward!
As lead carpenter I was recently asked why something was taking so long. I believe unless you have a skilled partner, you spend more time teaching than working. In my case, I prefer to work alone. I love teaching, but when you have to meet a budget I'm better off alone. No distractions and better focus.
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