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Your Warrenty

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What kind of warrenty do you offer for your services? NJ has a minimum of 1 year.... I currently just go with that, but I got to thinking about the lifetime warrenty products like AZEK offer.....:blink:
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I'm guessing Azek offers a lifetime PRODUCT warranty, much different than a labor warranty. I give a 2yr warranty on my stuff-maybe the difference is if you are doing the work w/ helpers or sending guys out to do the work and not having control over the quality. Material warranty is 1yr or as specified by the manufacturer, then include the info in your contract as a selling point (such as Azek offers lifetime material....)
I warranty our labor for 2 years unless specified in the contract with the customer.
I give 2 yr, but would probably warranty something past that depending on what it was and how good the customer is. :shifty:

Although I have never needed to. :shutup:
Give whatever warranty you want. I've got a sliding target that really depends on what the project is. For some things it's going to be a year, some it might be 10 years. Others lifetime on labor- I don't have a problem warrantying my labor for the life of the building- but that doesn't mean I will warranty the materials. Materials are warranted for the same guarantee as the manufacturer will give for the application.

But- it's a really good idea to look at to see if and what your state has legislated. Some don't have any legal minimums, some can be quite long, much longer than the standard 1 year.
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