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Well I ask god alot why he decided to make me a pool builder but I def am in for the long haul. Been in construction sense age of 14 and started pool building as a 9 dollar a hr laborer. 6 year later I'm in charge of all new build and completed 40 pools last year one being a multi million dollar commercial job my first. Well I am very proficient in the layout dig build plumbing and poolcrete, I have never done the plaster myself or the stamped decks we sub out that. The dig build and plumbing is my claim to fame though am 100% confident in my abilities. That being said I know the money involved in owning the company i refuse to be a hr employed any longer even though I don't do bad 22 a hr I'm ready for the draw check to go straight to me. Been doing alot of side work cleanings liner replacements pump changes and have 2 concrete deck jobs I'm currently doing. Any advice how to get into the actual sale of my first pool and how to do all this while keeping in good standing with my current company. It's to the point where I get plans they tell me go build it and turn me lose might come out to pick up a draw but I need no supervision so how and where to start? I know I'm working 60 hrs at my current job and then anther 20 to 30 per week on side jobs. I'm extremly motivated and have finical means to get what I need to start. Glad I found the fourm love talking pools!

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1. Any advice how to get into the actual sale of my first pool

2. how to do all this while keeping in good standing with my current company
1. Businesses fail from a lack of profitable sales.

You need to know how to
a. generate a steady flow of leads from qualified customers with marketing
b. qualify and eliminate unqualified leads so you don't waste your limited time
c. sell and overcome objections to a profitable sale at needed margins
d. accurately estimate the cost of the project
e. permitting process
f. how to get legit with insurances and licensing
g. how to set up your contracts so you don't get put out of business with a bad customer not paying

2. Easier said than done. The only option is to talk to them about your desire to start your own company to increase your earnings and get their reaction. IF you are lucky they will subcontract to you instead of pay you hourly as an employee.


1. Are you insured and licensed for the side jobs you are doing?
2. Does your current company know and approve of your side jobs?
3. Are the side jobs you are doing coming from your current employers customers with their knowledge and blessing?
4. Have you ever discussed your wishes with your current employer?
5. Has your current employer ever complained about your side activities?
6. Have you ever considered if your side work is coming from your current employers customers without their knowledge, you are stealing from them while they trust you with their customers?

Without answers to these questions, it will be difficult to advise you any further.
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