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Hi All, I have been tooling around this site for a couple of months and decided to join up.

I own Graf Custom Construction located out of Cranberry Township, PA. I have a Bacholers in Residential Construction Management and Technology, an Associates in Building Construction Technology and another associates degree in Masonry Construction from Pennsylvania College of technology (Penn State).

I started the business six years ago during college while a fellow student and I built two spec homes with the high hopes of making lots of money to help pay for our tuition and eventually springboard off of those homes to building bigger ones! What a learning experience that was and I am glad to say that we got out in the black but not far from the red, learning a ton along the way and indeed springboarding our businesses. But can you imagine the conversations we had with our investors?! haha! "Yeah we are two college kids who want to build a four hundred thousand dollar home with your money!":laughing::clap::thumbsup:

I now employ between three and six guys. We do a lot of Insulated Concrete foundation(ICF) work, and ona typical project we will complete foundation, frame, exterior finishes and interior trim/flooring.

Prior, I had worked for Centex Homes, a large national production builder, as a Field Construction Manager.

Really looking forward to learning from all of the true professionals on here.
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