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You just never know.

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I was just speaking with a couple (actually friends of mine and fellow football parents son's team) about doing their full interior repaint. They had me do the exterior this year and wanted me to do their full interior next spring. Great! I have been networking with some different people and met an interior designer that will come out and help decide colors for a small fee. Sounds like a winner to me, cause my taste in colors might not be everyones.. why not have that person on my team! Well I was discussing with the wife about this option and how I would contact her and she could help decide the colors for the house.. :sad: guess that is the wrong thing to say to this wife.. she did not like that idea AT all. :no: You just never know.. what will make em love you more, and what will make em turn their nose up at you. :shutup:
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exactly, women are totally unpredictable....

I have figured my wife out....the answer to every question is no....very predictable
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