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Ok not much if any response here. But was reading one poster that tried GOGGLE with PPC said that other companies used his add to contact him and he paid for the click. I hadn't thought about that but a good valid point.

Ok so PPC suks LEAD GENERATORS SUK. Where do we go from there? Don't give me the WORD of mouth referral crap. You are starting up have no customers that ain't going to cut it. For that to work you have to have several years with many happy customers.

So we are back to square one, what is a person to do?

Right now for me the answer has been like it or not SM they are my salvation. Till I build enough referral business to support me or I find a better way that is my option. I have no serious complaints about them, some minor ones yes but nothing I can't live with. The SM format has worked good for me.
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