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Xoim 1000 system

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Anyone have any experience with this system that can give me some insight? I am doing some reseach into this system and thinking about adding it to my fencing business to coat my steel ornimental fencing and railings. I would also like to expand to other market forms as well. Any input on this system would be greatly appreciated!
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I have one for sale if your looking, its going on ebay right now to the highest bidder, .99 cents is the opening bid. This is a great system but since we have gone other directions it doens't get used. make me an offer and ill pull the auction. id like to get 13k but im willing to sell to highest bidder over .99 cents, its a 10 day auction.
I too am interested in this mobile Xiom system. Anyone out there using it and making money with it? What type of jobs?
I am using the system

I bought the sytem in September. I have been using it for coating steel fencing and steel hand rails. I will be putting my first bid out for some bathroom stall partitions, doing them onsite at a hotel remodel. There are lots of opportunities out there for using this system. From general construction, marine industry, auotomotive, as well. As far as the money goes. I've only been in business for 2 months and the few things I have done so far have paid pretty good. It just depends on wether or not you have a market for powder coating in your area. I have alot of people and indusrty that are really interested in what I can do with this system.
SoI am guessing you have to disassemble the bathroom stall partitions? How would you mask off areas you don't wanted coated? I would assume tape would ignite from the flame.
heat resistant masking tape

No need to disassemble the partitions. I do them right on site. I mask with heat resistant masknig tape, about 6" out from what I am coating then I ues a wax coated paper for the walls and drop clothes for the floor.
you till warp the walls, I haven't been able to get this system to work on thin metal without warping it, I don't know how they do it in videos but it is impossible for us to get it to work. I suggest pratice with other metals before you try it.
bathroom stalls

Blastpro, I actually did test this on some old stalls I had in my building. I used radiant heaters to put heat to the walls slowly to about 180 degrees or so, then I coated with the system, staying back not ot heat the walls up to much more. then I pointed the heaters back at the wall to help the powder melt in more. This is a time consuming project, but it does the job.
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