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I'd like to put xenon pucks into new glass front kitchen wall cabinets.

The cabinets will be 5 inches from the ceiling and have a trim and crown moulding on the top extending from the wall cabinet to the ceiling. Since I am renovating my kitchen, the drywall has been removed and I have the ability to run romex cable anywhere.
How is this usually wired if there isn't an open space on top of the cabinets?

My question:

Is it ok to place the transformer on top of the cabinets in the 5" of space I have - behind the crown moulding?

If this is ok, I assume it should be hardwired and not plugged into a new recepticle in this small space right? However, all the pucks I can find have the transformers plugged in.


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The most "legal" way to do this is to run CL2 low-voltage wire (ok for in wall use) to each light. Run this up into the attic and splice them all to the transformer secondary wire. Install a switched receptacle in an accessible spot and plug the transformer in.
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