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WSIB Canada

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WHo has it who does not,if I want to try a new guy out before I hire him or use someone part time,anybody know where to get good advise on wsib issues.Even jim carruk or whatever his name is from real renos got hit for 38k in back payments.
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Since it's just me and no employees, I can use a waiver for my jobs. My WSIB rep just told me to put my waiver number on the 1000 construction forms.

If I hire someone to sub, then I need to make sure they have their own WSIB number.

With things expanding for me family wise, I actually plan on getting full WSIB coverage in January.

From what I remember, full WSIB will mandatory for all owner/operators in the next couple of years. Creates a more even playing field I guess.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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