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Would you pay to be put at the top of search pages?

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I must get two or three calls a week about them putting me at the top of the search engines. Have any of you done this. I usually hang up on them when I realize what they want.

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Would you pay to be put at the top of search pages?
That is priceless really, however I never had a phone call that could really help me with that. Most are claiming to put you in Google local and you can do that yourself. Seo can be a very expensive thing to have done, Someone here may have a recommendation though. Ive spent over 20k to date on my website and seo and will say it is worth it.
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Ask them for THEIR ranking, get their URL and then tell them you will check their ranking for yourself and get back with them. Doesn't usually get that far.

There are forums for IT people who won't rip you off. I have an offer right now to get me on Goolge front page in 5 days for $250. If it doesn't happen I don't pay. I haven't posted enough yet to be able to post this one website but generally speaking these are people trying to make an honest living. Most will be willing to give you references. It is important to get on the front page in the top three if you can.
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I would pay ZERO because it is very very easy to rank your site in the first three spots of Google or the other search engines.
I have to disagree with what RidgeWalker says. First of, are you talking about Search Results or Google ads? "The first three spots in Google" doesn't say anything about that...
Second, it certainly depends on what search queries you want to be ranked for. Is it e.g. the term "life insurance"? Then you won't stand a chance to be found in the search results on the first page, trust me. Or is it the term "life insurance John Doe Boca Raton Florida 125th St."? Then you should not have a problem being ranked as the top search result....

I have been into SEO for a while now.

There are so many companies out there that promise you heaven on earth. Fact is, though, that nobody, except Google, knows what the algorythm for the positioning on Google is, so every company is simply doing what evrybody believes must be done to be ranked on the first page.

Depending on what the keywords are that are important for your business, it might either be easy to be ranked on the first page or it might be impossible because there are simply to many competitors out there.

I could tell you about SEO and a couple of things you need to be aware of, but you can read all about it on the web.

If you have a local business and are not trying to take on e.g. Home Depot you should not have a problem to be ranked on the first page...

Take care,

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Would I pay? Yes. Would I pay someone else to do it for me? No.

I have pay per click but I do it myself. It's not a hard thing to manage. It takes some time to get setup, but once you're up and running it takes minimal time to manage.
I get one or two a week like that. IronMike's last sentence summed up what Ridgewalker was talking about for us contractors.
I live in a city of 195K and I target 30% of that audience and I'm quite happy with the results I get organically.
'Roofing' by itself is not in my keywords. I use long tail search phrases instead, such as 'Residential house painting and touch-up, Knoxville Tn.', instead of 'painting'
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I must get two or three calls a week about them putting me at the top of the search engines. Have any of you done this. I usually hang up on them when I realize what they want.

Edit your Meta name keywords in the head of your website to include anything and everything you do like this...
It starts with a "<" meta name="keywords" content="Manuel Z, manuelz, manual, [email protected], after the last word add a ">"
just keep adding what you do or anything that will get people to your website. theres no limit on keywords some people spell my name with an "A" instead of an "E" such as Manual Z -not- Manuel Z.

Don't believe me? google Manuel Z and add the word fishing or the word handyman to it... the "handyman" keyword is only a couple weeks old.

This is about all they'll do for you plus they want to charge you about $300-$400 for a website. It may take a few weeks before the search engines start responding to your keywords but they will!

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I just googled "Wasatch Valley Construction LLC " and you are already at the top of the list!
I googled "Tracy Handyman", in one shape or form, my company is directly linked in all but 2 of the listings. It has surely started the phone to ring since I signed up with Footbridge, I am pleased.

<LI class="g w0">Handyman - Tracy CA - California - Construction & Contractors

- 6 visits - Jun 5 Tracy Handyman – Are you in need of someone to fix things your husband won't fix? Our local handyman of Tracy are here to.
www.*************.com/.../Tracy/...~.../Handyman.aspx - Cached - Similar -

<LI class="g w0">Tracy Handyman Warns of Dryer Vent Fires

- 2 visits - Jun 13 Tracy Handyman Warns of Dryer Vent Fires. — There's a hidden fire hazard in almost every Tracy's the dryer vent! ... - Cached - Similar -

<LI class="g w0">Handyman Service , Tracy CA 95376

- 6 visits - Jun 9 Get discount coupons for Handyman Service and other Tracy, CA local merchants. Handyman Service, with its marvelous staff and professional technicians has ... - Cached - Similar -

<LI class=g>Local business results for tracy handyman near California

- Change location - Back to results Drew Tracy, Handyman (Roseville area)

Handyman serving Granite Bay, Rocklin, Roseville, Fair Oaks and Sacramento areas, 1869 Ridgeview Dr., Roseville, CA - (916) 613-6193
Directions and more »

Hersom Tracy Handyman

1465 Perkins St, Napa, CA - (707) 224-5253
Directions and more »
More results near California »

Remember this location

<LI class="g w0">Tracy handyman, san jose home repairs, dryer vent cleaning, ca ...

- 2 visits - Jun 5 Handyman Services is a Tracy handyman that provide plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, home improvements and dryer vent cleaning in San Jose, California. ... - Cached - Similar -

<LI class="g w0">Gift Cards - Handyman - Tracy Handyman Services

Professional Tracy handyman provides homeowners with gift cards. - Cached - Similar -

<LI class="g w0" style="MARGIN-LEFT: 3em">Tracy Handyman Services | Painter, Plumber, Gutter Cleaning ...

Expert Tracy handyman provides homeowners with painting, plumbing, gutter cleaning, and replacement windows services. - Cached - Similar -
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<LI class="g w0">Handyman Services Tracy CA - Tracy CA, handyman, Tracy CA handyman ...

- 5 visits - Jun 9 Many homeowners in Tracy do not have the time nor the skill sets required to tend to many of the various tasks required to improve and maintain the ... - Cached - Similar -

<LI class="g w0">Tracy Press - able handyman

Serving Tracy, Mountain House and surrounding areas with news, classifieds, businesses and events. - Cached - Similar -

<LI class="g w0">Handyman Service in Tracy, California - Tracy, CA Find a Handyman

- Apr 29 Find a Handyman Service in Tracy, California to get a cost estimate from a Tracy home handyman for small home repairs such as carpentry, ... - Similar -

<LI class="g w0">San Jose Handyman, dryer vent cleaning, tracy plumbing repairs ...

- Jun 13 May 18, 2009 ... San Jose handyman provides home repairs and dryer vent cleaning in Tracy, CA. - Cached - Similar -
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The real question is, would you pay to be listed number one? It doesn't matter what everyone else is doing, would it benefit you to pay someone? Would you take the time to do it yourself? Do you know how to do it or are you willing to learn? These are the questions you should be asking, we do not have to pay the bill, you do.

Good luck.
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It took a few years but I am usually 1 or 2 (sometimes 3) on google for "colorado springs custom decks" and "colorado springs decks"

I did not pay for SEO. I did most of it myself
the answer is yes if you can afford it. now how you use it is something that everyone will have a different opinion. West Coast Vinyl uses it sparingly for research and to market certain products or services. When we say research its for feedback, and finding keywords that converts.
You really have to understand this concept/approach. Don't just advertise online just to be doing it, there is the correct way of doing it, oh yeh, you are reffering to ppc right?
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