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Would you pay for a website that...

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Would you pay for a website that provides your company an extranet system? An extranet system is basically a network that your people can access via the internet that is housed at another location (ie datacenter).

I've been working on an extranet system that has an estimate feature, project feature, account, workers hours log, and client/address information.

I was invisioning something like; sales person checks the extranet for which clients to visit for sales, access site for estimating information and client information. Workers can access the site for calendar information and their own hours logged/owed, etc. As the administrator you can deligate all these people via the extranet. The system could/would have an SMS (call people through the site).

Do you think a product like this is in demand? I'm not trying to sell this system, but I'm creating it for myself and was trying to decide if I should take it to the next level and begin documentation.
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Grumpy said:
I'm a small specialty trades contractor. I have never found any "off the shelf" system that did what I wanted it to do.
I'm like you 'cept I use a roman hand abacus for estimating, semaphore for inter-office communication and little scraps of cloth with notes scribbled on them for project management. I like to keep things simple - no extra nets around here cluttering things up.
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