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Would this be beneficial?

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I'm currently in the middle of putting together the enclosed trailer for my mobile blasting business. I was thinking about getting a blast cabinet to put in my garage for smaller things that a customer may want done. Then I thought that maybe I should just install the blast cabinet into the trailer. It would easily fit. And the trailer compressor will easily power the unit.

Would this be beneficial for anything you guys have come across? I figure it would still allow me to be 100% mobile and allow me to make money on a larger variety of items.

Thank you,
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I'm gonna put one in my shop.. Never seen the need to take one on a mobile job. I've done so many small car parts it would have been nice to have one.
Are the small parts always taken to you or do you get them sometimes when you show up to a job?

Have you looked at blast cabinets? There are so many different ones. What kind is best?
I don't see it being worth taking up the space. You will never go mobile for only a part small enough to use it and if you are already doing a larger item you might as well use the larger and much faster pot set up.
Auto parts are so greasy I don't think you want to use a recycling cabinet for them anyway. Won't it just gum everything up and then you get all that grease in to any one elses project that you use it for, not good for paints. I never recycle anything.
cabinets have there place...i use mine for carbarateurs and cylinder heads.i am using bollatini glass beads in gives the surface a frosted look wich is good for those parts.i dont use it for paint stripping though.way to slow....
Hey Todd did you check out my media flow cut off? You may want to try it out on yours
glen, i did see it and will probably put one on as i see all that stuff in the plastic bags at home depot...i am just busy working wthe bugs out of the marco still and i have kinda kicked the surface tek over to soda only and small quick mobile stuff...
Todd, I got my marco to do the same thing. blow by!
Benny has the same set up, and does the same thing. but with no problems???

I'm still trying to figure it out to, I'm calling marco soon to see what there take on it is?
Todd did you ever get your own tips made from harder steel for the Tek pot? I just put a new one in and it already has a dug out spot in it on one side. I think somthing got stuck and as the glass gets forced around it it eats it up. I'm do a lot of work for a steel fabricator. I'm going to ask them what's possible that might last a year at a time.
How often are you going through tips?
It's going to depend on everything. Todd uses garnet I think which is harder than glass and then how busy you are. And a lot on luck too. I put a new one in and right away had some bad glass with big chunks in it. A piece got stuck in one side of the tip and as the smaller goes around it it chews it up fast so it has a match head size goudge in it. I replaced it and I think it happened again already. One side has a small goudge in it and the other side is perfect. You can still blast with it but it won't be as efficcient. I don't think it would ever stop you from completing a job if you didn't have a replacment with you for that one job. So it might be a couple a year or you might go through six.
One time I didn't tighten one well and it blew off while I was working. Easy fix but not if you didn't have an alen wrench with you. Now and then you just take the bottom off and screw the knob down untill you can see the grooves in the tip. If you need to remove it you have to take the knob off so you can turn the mixing rod down enough to expose the allen screw that holds the tip on. After replacing adjust it so it sticks down out of the pot about and inch or so. Close seems to count. I don't know of an exact mesurment. Then replace the plastic knob.
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