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World's Most Enthusiastic Installer

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Skip to 2:17 to see the man in action.

At first, I was sure he was joking. Personally, I would not mind having this level of energy. While his techniques are not commonplace, I have no doubt that this guy stays busy, getting jobs when others do not.

I think its fun to watch someone doing the job I do, but in a completely different mindset. Good job, George.

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2 thoughts, first I wouldn't have the stamina for that. I have to reserve my energy for actually working. Secondly I'm pretty sure I'd bust something besides a move.

Good show, hats off to him.

Good Luck
Mma flooring guy

I'm thinking that this dude is cross training.

Getting his work out for the fights and earning his living at the same time.

"You tell him he hasn't tapped his seems tight"

"No you tell him"

"I'm not telling him you tell him"

"What do you think about the floor?"

"Love it" "Love it"

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Was that CDAT?:thumbsup:. G

Seriously, that dude is nuts!

The tear out at 5:40 is too funny.

But wouldn't it be easier to just move the pile of new stock closer to the end of the flooring you are installing at?
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I've been installing tile that way for years....:whistling :no:
I think the guy should quit smoking meth.
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I wouldn't allow that idiot on a job with me.
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I think the guy should quit smoking meth.
I understand the inclination to figure drugs into the equation. However, look closer; There is actual work being done. Plus, he is very fit. I just can not believe he could be a tweaker, despite the headlamp.

I wouldn't allow that idiot on a job with me.
I am guessing that his 'best work' is done when noone else is on the job.
That's also a great method for getting that worn in look that is so popular without having to pay the big bucks or waiting forever for it to naturally happen.

I wonder how long he keeps that up during the day?
What's the big deal?

The youtube clip seems like an ordinary day on one of my jobsites.

You mean you guys don't tackle all your work with that level :w00t:
Real funny till someone loses an eye (or a finger)

If some of the uptight homeowners I work for saw me doing some of that stuff ,I think I may have been escorted off the site by a cop

Funny stuff tho, love the speed vct tear up
From 5:39 and on is my favorite part. This guy truly loves what he does. When you find someone passionate about their work, you find someone that is really good at their work typically. They enjoy their work and have a great positive vibe about them. I would hire this guy in a minute. What a great online resume!!
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