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Workers Comp thru Paychex

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Does anyone get thier workers comp thru a payroll service such as Paychex or ADP?

Seems reporting would be easier-just wondering if it is cheaper?

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Its not cheaper but way easier. You dont have to pay any lump sums they take a little a week
The big deal is no lump sum payments, you only pay for what you use and since payroll is done by that company they can keep exact amounts used.
Not sure how other states do it but here in Ohio you pay it every 6 months for the previous 6 months. No cost up front but if you just budget the amount it will be there at the end. Only have to do one report every 6 months and you can pay with company credit card and get those points too. Its pretty easy to do it online and Paychex gets plenty of my money as it is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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