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I am thinking of getting a laptop computer for the field since many companies apps can't work with an Apple like I have.
My question is, if I really just need it to download work orders and upload site photos which computer would be good enough.
I was looking at netbooks, but are they capable of this?

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Maybe consider buying an older 12" to 15" screen laptop-
Used, they'll be $50 to $200 on craigslist or ebay... and already may have some software... If they get ruined, just replace them with another used one. Also, chances are they will be faster than a netbook (which I've personally wanted!!).
Only downside I'm aware of might be battery life, but a power inverter isn't that expensive!


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A netbook should be able to handle what you've described doing. I got my guys an older dell laptop with a 12" screen running XP and a wireless internet card. We use it for email, pictures, and our project management software and it seems to do the trick. Only cost $225. New netbooks run $350 plus or minus.

Or you could buy a new tough book for $3000 :eek:

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If that is all you are doing, then one of the netbooks would work. Just remember you will need a usb cd drive to load programs from disk, or upload the install program over a network connection.

How are you planning on uploading and downloading in the field? A mobile broadband plan?

If so there are some great deals out there for a netbook for cheap with a mobile broadband plan. I was at the Verizon store a couple of weeks back upgrading our phones. And I saw they had some netbooks for $99 with a new broadband plan.
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