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wobble light

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Who has one? Do you like it? The guys have broke to job lights this week. Looking for something better. Are you happy with the light output?
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Husky is available at the Depot.

I don't have one, but alot of guys do.

I have a dozen 500watt flood lights, and 250watt flood lights....and yes they suck a pile of power, get super hot and cost a fortune in bulbs....Still 100 bucks for a big awkard wobbeling light.:whistling
I've seen those popping up more and more. Everyone seems to like them. The Wobble Light.....could have picked a better name for it, sounds ghey. But I may just pick one up. I'm looking into one that can take serious abuse and wonder about the new LED lights. Cool to the touch, bright, tough, but expensive.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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