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Window trim

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Been all over the net (Except for the right place obviously!) looking for a pix of window trim such as I saw on "All in the family"

Anyone know where I might see some pix of different trim ideas at?
I want to create something other than standard casing. I would like to incorporate crown in it as well.
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Here's one I done in our current house. I had a custom molding knife cut using an actual old piece of millwork from a 1920's home.


Looks good & I really like that ceiling. What is it made of?

Thank you. Ceilings are textured wallpaper to look like tin ceiling. I suck at finishing drywall but am a pretty good trim carpenter, so I wallpaper & put up crown to hide my mistakes. Fellers gotta know his limitations & strengths.:thumbsup:
Love the victorian millwork basswood.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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