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Will 2014 Being A Better Year For You!

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Will 2014 Be A Better Year For You!

For me---cautiously optimistic!

Two Experts Weigh-In on What 2014 Holds for the Construction Industry
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My answer is absolutely yes but I'm not in construction. However, going off what my clients tell me, the answer is still yes, and they are in construction. In fairness though, you need to consider that part of my job is to help make the answer yes. For everyone who answers either yes or no, you need to look at what they are doing or not doing to influence that answer.
im up about 7% so far......that isn't saying much since Jan/Feb are always horrible for me

I did 120 hours last month and will do around 90 this month......ive had some Febs at 60 hours....I always lose $$ or break even Jan/Feb....Jan this year I actually made profit!

this year I am bidding on larger remodels/additions like crazy...some multiple bath remodels to.....I think once the weather clears it will be gang busters for a few months around here(WI)

I think I will be up 10-15% this putting extra effort into finding more remodelers/builders
The Ouija board says yes:

The Home Builders Association of Michigan forecasts 15,966 single-family new home permits in 2014, up nearly 20 percent from the 13,359 in 2013.
20% is a number I can live with - makes me wanna go start another sub.
age is telling me to cut back in 2013 i did just over 40000 sq ft of new homes + rework around here we will be going full bore to keep up with the new jobs that mayo will be adding
I'm not sure how much better I can stand 14 to be than 13 was. We're already slammed & the phones still ringing.
Yes! Michigan will be booming this year. Because it was so cold many projects never got started and when the frost laws come off it should be non stop till dec 2014.
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