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I sell windows in the Charlotte, NC area and there seems to be an extreme range of pricing here. Now I know my windows, and competitors windows very welll, I know the quality of each one but it still doesnt seem to justify such a wide range.

For Example there are several companies in the area who charge $1000 or more per window these are (Sears, Window Pros, Dixie Home Crafters, Renewal by Andersen, Patton Contracting, and a few others). Then there is another pack around the 400-600 range (Home Depot, Lundberg, Champion, Window World, Castle Windows, Matthews Windows and Siding, Crown Builders, etc etc.) Then there are a pack of lowballers in the $200 range. $200-$1000 is a very wide range. Is this common? Or are other markets more competetive market wide?

One reason I ask this is because im planning on moving to Pennsylvania, and ill take all the inside info I can get.
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