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The reason behind this is that social media marketing (SMM) leads you and your business to:

1. Create a brand
2. Have more potential and loyal customers
3. Gain increase in traffic and leads
4. Achieve increase in sales and conversions
5. Become an authority in your line of business
6. Build valuable relationship within your industry

If you want to use SMM, just make sure that you:

1. Create fresh, unique and valuable content
2. Listen to and learn from your audience and focus your posts from what you’ve discovered from them.
3. Engage or interact with your audience or target customers through comments or messages and never forget to answer their questions or inquiries.
4. Always include a call to action. These may either be to comment, to like, to share, etc. These actions not only increases you engagement but also widens your reach and even increases your search engine visibility.
5. Track you competitors, analyze their strategies and do better than them.
I agree with everything you said here! Social takes a good amount of time, but the more you do it, the more routine it will become. Just be genuine and personable and always think "Would this be something I would share or comment on"
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