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Whole House Remodel Tipton, Iowa

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Whole house remodel Cole's Custom Creations performed in Tipton IA.
29 pictures tell the story.

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Ah. So you lost money on the job. :laughing:

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You buy it to flip or a customer job? Looks like some flips we've done for people is why I ask.

Does that one fella still sell the trailers down there, he used to have a "auto shop" in town but made most of his money traveling around to swap meets and then he'd stop in MO and bring back 5-10 trailers at a time. Yrs ago I used to drive down and buy 1 a month from him, tow it back and here and sell for a profit...did that until I paid for the one I still have outright.:thumbup:
Yep it's a flip for a customer.

The trailer guy is still there he has quit a few of them in stock.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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