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Whole House Filter

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Has anyone ever installed a two stage Whole House filter ? I was wondering how much they cut down on water pressure. Would appreciate any input on it. I have a Single myself but a customer wants a 2 stage. There is a pressure regulator on the main.............
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Quite awhile back, I saw a water filter system on eBay....I don't know if it had a regulator, but it was a sand or silica medium and a timed backwash. $200 or so...and i haven't seen it since.
Lots of Toilet flange Installers- No Water Filters installed Here???????????? WTF !!!!!!!!
Pressure is really not the issues its GPMS required that is the issue. A filter with 1/4 inch inlets will not supply a house, however 3/4" or 1" will. GPMS is how you size a filter.
And more info is needed. What kind of filters, what do you need the filters for, etc.,etc. If you are filtering something that will clog the filters fast, that will greatly reduce the flow in a short time depending on the size of the filters.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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