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This is my first post here, I own a land clearing and right of way maintenance company in Central Texas, So... Business is kinda slow for us right now and I would like to try to take us to the next level and propose our services to some surrounding cities and power companies and etc. We've always gone off of word of mouth and referrals. What ways have y'all gone about talking to companies, corporations, cities, and towns to inform them of your services?

Any input is greatly appreciated

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Have you in anyway put up a website to have a web presence? In today’s world, most businesses establish themselves in their line not only through offline transactions but online too. Moreover, with the entry of the digital world, increasing number of people and companies uses this technology in their day-to-day lives. It does a lot to influence the lives of people. They use the internet to learn, to search, to connect, to share, to subscribe or purchase/sell, etc. You should also try to maximize these benefits.

If you want it to be more local, then it’ll also be nice to have social media accounts and target those people or companies in near places or cities. Let them learn more learn about your companies and your services. Engage and interact with them. Build and nourish any relationship that will come forth through this method. This will also be a great way for people to do word of mouth advertising and referrals to their families and friends especially if they’ve tried, tested and trust your company.
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