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Who is still abusing their tools?

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I have to admit I have been guilty more than once abusing a defenseless tool. Like chipping a few pieces of concrete with a wood chisel, or turning a screw with an angle finder. Mostly out of lazyness and not wanting to take the time to dig out the proper tools. I've even cut metal with a wood cutting blade in a power miter saw on more than one occasion. I actually keep my old power miter saw around with a generic blade in it to use and abuse and keep my good power miter saw and specific blades for their purpose.

I'm bad but I'm getting better. Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery. At least I stopped drill into concrete with wood drill bits! :eek:
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well i must admit i have misused tools a time or 2, but i also seem to have a problem at times with inadament objects and getting angry with them and chucking them or spiking them on the concrete floor. but i settle down and get a BFH (Bigger [email protected]#$ing Hammer) and the usually works
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