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Who do you mix the texture

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HOW do you mix the texture

Well based on everything I've read here I'm not going to my the Wagner. I have bought the Holman pump sprayer. I want to mix the texture my self instead of buying the refills.

Someone commented that they use the 90 min drywall compound . what consistence or mixing instructions can anyone give me .

Em going to get some practice, then I have a few little bathrooms to do.

Thanks for the advise
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I'd spend the tiny bit more and purchase wall and ceiling texture instead of going to the old handyman trick of drywall mud. There is a difference, but most drywall mud texture guys never find out what it is and reap the benefits.

It's the old, you can use a butter knife everyday instead of owning a good set of screw drivers and still get the work done. But until the guy sets down the butter knife and trys a screw driver you can't explain the difference to him.
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