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Who could pass up this opportunity

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I just had to pass on this stellar opportunity to any licensed contractors in California.

This guy is a gem of a fellow. :no:


Skilled Trade (Orange County)

Date: 2009-07-27, 3:48PM PDT
Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

I had a crew before things went belly up.
We Have Part time work ONLY
If you want 1 to 3 days a week extra work email me.
Everyone Must have clean records. Speak English.​
Do to the economy pay up to 15.00 an hour. To stay in business we had to lower our rates, ALOT​
Hard workers Please (There are alot of people who need work)
Website Development (seo optimization)

  • Website Development I need to launch websites, must be proficent in php java html, and templates. I don't care if the websites are templates just that they work, look good, optimized, and do what they should do. if you give me a huge price i will not use you... I am looking to get a great deal, and pay some money in someones pockets when i have work.. PLease be good at what you do, if you need work, and have the skills email me..​
Skilled Trade Home Repair (licensed is better) not necessary

  • TV installers mounting
  • painter: own decent transpertation. have small ladders, and basic setup.
  • Drywall guy: popcorn ceilings, patch holes. can match, had own tools texture
  • Handyman: experienced and own tools, and transportation
  • Electrician: outlets, ceiling fans, recessed lights. Tv mounts. Commercial residential
  • plumber: toilets, faucets, etc.
  • Roofers:
  • Tv, network installer hdmi tv lcd
I had a crew before things went belly up. Started Advertising, and have speratic jobs. Not enough for full time but enough for speratic work.
at the very least I can hire you for a day here and there.


Please send me This info (I will get alot of emails please answer all questions in Email (COPY RESUMES INTO EMAIL if you have them) I cant search attatchments.
When i need someone i type in my search " electrician" Plumber" web" and so on. if your email does not contain the words that is what you are qualified at doing i will not find you.. Please tell me how good you are at each one

  • Clean record
  • WHAT CAN YOU DO? BE SPECIFIC USE WORDS I CAN SEARCH FOR IN MY EMAIL.....Please tell me how Good you are at each trade that you can do (IMPORTANT)
  • Experience (if you are licenced) USE THE WORD LICENCED IN THE REPLY SUBJECT FIELD
  • own transpertation (looks presentable) what is it...
  • own tools
  • Pay you are looking for. 15.00 and under...
  • Pay you will accept to get a day here and there of work.
  • are you available immediatly, when are you avaiable:
  • Telephone number
  • your location south or north orange county
I need skilled people web, internet, and skilled trade people. i know things suck right now but if we all stick together, I can keep some money in a few of your pockets...
I will not respond to everyone, I only search my emails when i need someone: Thank you I hope I can use you...
This add is for part time work
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$15 an hour in Orange County CA... I am at a loss for words. :furious:
For $15 an hour I will list my qualifications and a sucky woodworker.
He needs to hire someone to proof-read his ad.
I sent him this...

15.00 an hour for plumber and electrician?
LOL...Boy,you will be getting the best for the best for that pay...God help your customers!
For $15 an hour I will proofread his ads.
What a humanitarian. Really looking out for his fellow tradesman by being the provider of a few scraps he will dole out.:blink:
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