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Hey Everyone!

Diane here and new to this site. Could I get some input from people that have downloaded contracts here on the web as to which ones they like the best? I am in Florida and want to make sure I am fully covered in regard to lien/recovery fund disclosures. :clap:

Thanks and have a great day!

The Duke
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I'm not sure what having a mac or pc has to do with the question.

Whatever you look through and decide on is your choice. From that point on it is up to you to run it by a lawyer from your own state to have him make necessary modifications if needed.

Just because someone made it and uses it does not mean it pertains to your business or state laws, nor is it any guarantee that it is any good for you. Don't assume when it comes to contract law.

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Thanks and I completely understand that what I chose is my responsibility/choice. I simply wanted to get an idea of what other contractors used as a starting point to my research and fine tune it from there. :thumbsup:

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What I did was made an appointment with my attorney. I simply told him that I needed a contract that met all State and local requirements, was balanced enough to serve both parties and easy enough to read so the HO and I could review and understand it.

He did his research and faxed me a rough draft. I reviewed it and requested a couple of additional clauses written to follow the original guidelines. These were ideas I had gleaned out of forum threads concerning contracts.

Hope that helps you.

Good Luck

General Contractor
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Welcome. Diane. I'm just on the other side of town from you.

Whatever you decide to use, make sure at least all these things are addressed:
Names of all parties
Addresses of all parties
Phone, fax, email contacts and procedures
Date of contract
Property description
Street address
Homeowners association
Historical Society and their requirements
Amount of contract
Terms of financing
Construction draw schedule
Construction draw procedure
Insurance requirements
Start date and definition
Substantial completion date and definition
Plans, drawings, blueprints, sketches
Specifications - as complete as possible
Cleanup details
Safety considerations
Substitution policy
Allowances - including labor and/or material
Change order procedures and pricing
Exclusions to the contract
Authorized delay conditions
Penalties or fines
Access to the construction site
Owner, lender, and third party inspection procedures
Methods to solve disputes
Arbitration clause
Settlement terms
Formal notification times and procedures
Warranties and service policies
Any documents required by state or local laws
Signatures and dates of all parties on every page of every document with original copies for all signing parties
Witness to all signatures
And anything else about which two or more people can disagree, misunderstand, fail to do, install improperly, overlook, ignore, or that otherwise might create a problem between any or all of the aforementioned parties.

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contract line item

13.4 The Sub-contract Tenderer’s scope of works shall include for a defects liability period of a minimum, one full year upon completion of the work. The Sub-contractor shall remain liable to rectify all defects arising from the Sub-contractor Works until and unless the Client releases the ‘GC’ and/or Sub-contractor from the same.
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