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where you hiding Nick?

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you THAT busy?
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Oh, I'm around.

No, we are not busy. We are just barely working. I think I got a three week job tonight. We'll see if they do sign.

I've just been occupying my time with stuff! It would be awfully easy to sit here and search the internet all day.

We're still owed a good sum of money from last year. That's making things difficult.

Other than work and money I still have a great life and am very blessed.

Well how is everybody else doing? I guess I'll go sit in the chat room
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I was wondering if you snuck off to an Oline Garden for some Italian cuisine?:thumbup:
Is your wife fattening you up with all that good Italian cooking ?? Sorry that you are not busy. Things are rough. We were really slow in the spring, but now we are swamped and had to even hire a another guy who is layed off from another company. We have enough work to take us well into the fall.
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