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Where to Buy Carpet

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I am wondering if anyone here could offer some advice on how to buy carpet wholesale in quantity. I have another company that specializes in property maintenance services.

Currently we offer carpet installation as a service. Property managers, realtor customers, and landlords are primary customers. I buy from a retailer and use their install services and pass the cost along. We are doing 100+ yards per day. I want to move this in house.

What I need is a source for carpet and some info. on requirements to purchase. I would like to stock 2-3 colors builder grade. Do I have to buy a truckload, train load, or what to get the best price?

Where do I go to purchase? Direct to mill, broker, wholesaler?

We are in Virginia, so it is in decent range to Georgia.

Anyone here have any suggestions?

I would much appreciate any helpful advice. If this is something that should remain anonymous please PM me with suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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By the way, unless you're looking for seconds, there is no reason to drive to Dalton. The guys who buy off goods in Dalton do operate on pretty thin margins, but it's along ass way to drive to get material with no warranty. Dalton is mostly internet sales now, anyway. The Dalton based off goods boom ended a long time ago. Now, the mills send a daily off goods list to any dealer in the country who wants them. That crap used to stay in Dalton, but now they'll sell it to whomever. I get an email every day from Mohawk with off goods for sale. If you want first quality material, nobody in Dalton buys any better than anyone else.
I'll throw my hat into a 4 year old thread.... S&S mills or Shaw has been who I dealt with and they were very accommodating...
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