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I'm looking to learn where you guys buy leads for your business to get more work. How much do leads cost? How do they work? Can someone please help me with the 101?

Thanks a lot!!!

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If you mean through advertising, then social media does pretty well for local businesses and trades, but it may be worth looking into something like Google ads if you want to reach a wider audience. Social media outreach could definitely be an idea though.

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i`m pretty sure your talking about " Home Advisor"
or a few others

15 years back , i tried this ,
got real bad leads the first time
a little better the next time , but not great.

problem is
they may be giving you leads for a project , but they may be giving them to 20 others too.
they may be giving you leads in very low income areas , so the people are just looking for cheap

sometimes you have to give them a good size deposit.

that first time i did it , i had signed on for a year
the leads were for crap , after 6 months i wanted out , they wouldnt let me out of my agreement without buying out of the contract

what i do with anyone who calls selling something ( leads or anything ) if i think i might be interested , i ask them to give me their company name , and email , and website ,
then i do my own homework on them
see if you can look up some contractors already on their site , and ask them how they are doing with the leads
don`t take the word of the ding dong calling ,he`d lie to his mother to make a sale

also look online
lets say its " johns leads "
look up "johns leads reviews"
look them up in the b.b.b.

also what state are they in
do they really now your demographic , and area
if they are half a country away , i wouldn`t use them

ask allot of questions.
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