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"Where did i put them safety glasses...I'll just use this BAG!"

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I'm actually more offended by the Ryobi miter saw.


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Gitamo prisoner from Cuba transfer..?? j/k :whistling
He was probably just trying to hide his identity...didn't want anyone to know who he was while using a ryobi saw :whistling
I'll betchya that's basswood in disguise :laughing:
I wonder how many cuts he can do before passing out.
I wonder how many cuts he can do before passing out.

If you look closely, he had a big hole (nose) in that bag. No problemo.. just any flying wood chips could still punch that bag & through his eyes' socket or worst still.. =>> some stinging bees could have flying into dat abyss!!!... LOL (just kidding) :thumbup::laughing:
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I would pay to see bees fly in there.

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I wonder if he grabbed the bag out of the trash can behind him...:blink: He's wondering why the wood he's cutting smells like rotten tilapia. :laughing:
Actually the face looks mostly open. I think he's has too much "product" in his hair and is trying to keep the sawdust out.
Ya know, straight from the work site to da club :whistling
:laughing: I was wonderin' if might be jheri curl protection too
ah...chinese innovation...hope there's not too much lead in his helmet
Wait......... we need hard hats too!

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Newspaper??.. Nah... still flying sparks can burn his face... to a third-degree murder she wrote.. LOL :thumbup::notworthy
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