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Where Can I Buy A Water Key

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I call a two plumbing supply houses to try and buy a water key for a buffalo box. They had 4 footers but nothing longer. They could order one but it will take a few weeks to get, according to the counter man. Is there any place in the Chicago area I can buy a 6ft or longer water keys? I need it by Tuesday
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Just about any plumbing contractor would have one.
Find out where you can buy iron pipe, hydrants, etc. They will have a long one.
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I have just made my own. Buy the short one and sleeve in a longer shaft. I have never bought one - always machined my own
i bought mine from my plumbing supply house...its 6 or 7'
I saw one in HD yesterday I think it was a 5' ... take a look online.
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Just buy the 4 footer and weld an extension on it.
Waterworks has them
HD Supply has them
Michigan Meter has them
Go to and find a distributor. Ford Meter Box makes them.
I was also going to suggest buy a short one from depot and weld and extension.. there just made of rebar..
If you can't find one, let me know. I can get you one NOT BY TUESDAY, but by Wednesday if you're willing to pay freight
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