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When your sick...

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I know we just had a thread about working when your sick.

Now here's my question. How do you let customers know when you are sick?

When I am sick I hate being on the phone or doing anything, so I usually have my wife call customers for me.

what say you?
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I wish customers would call me if they're sick. I had a customer last week tell me when I got there the whole family had been sick over the Labor Day weekend. I wound up with an awful cold for the last week or so.

I always call my customers if there is anything different from what I originally told them.
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I say man up and make the call yourself.

I have no problem calling them, I just don't, usually if I am that sick that I am not working, I don't want to be on the phone or doing anything...
Now here's my question. How do you let customers know when you are sick?
Usually when I show up late, demanding they serve me chicken noodle soup in bed.
How do you let customers know when you are sick?
I don't usually have to say anything. They can tell by my green skin and slow-motion movement. :sick:

But seriously, I would never have anyone else make that call for me. They don't know my wife from Adam... er, Eve. That just seems a bit like having Mommy take care of things, which was fine when I was a kid--but not now.

It only takes a minute. Man up. :thumbsup:
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I would have to be in an ambulance or something to not make that call myself. Seriously.

I second the let me know if you (HO) or your kids are sick. Maybe I'll submit a change order for the "unforeseen condition" of me irritable and useless, ultimately throwing up in my joint compound.
The guys just go without me, appointments I reschedule for another day. Like today I have the, I don't feel safe leaving the house so I am staying in.
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