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when buying used scissor lift???

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when buying a used scissor lift ( 1932 size) what do i need to watch out for. I realize that most used lifts have alot of hours on them and probably come from a rental company. do they develope unfixable hydrolic leaks?
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If the seals or packings are leaking, they can be fixable. often times the quick fix is to simply add more fluid.

darn JLG lifts suck.
jlg sucks??

does that mean you would prefer to shop for a used genie over jlg.
Yep, I'm own a genie 19xx scissor lift. I have used JLG booms before and I can tell you if you own one personally, don't go has major mechanical problems. Genie is pretty good.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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