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I see alot of guys posting on here and would like to get to know some of you a little better and get a feel for what you really do. I'll start it off.

We do 99% all very large commercial sitework projects such as Targets, Walmarts, Home Depots etc.

I am the general foreman/assistant superintendant on my jobs.

I am proficient in all aspects of completing one of these large projects minus the actual buildings. I/we have installed the following items:

Large concrete box culvert
Deep stormceptors
Any storm up to 60" so far
Underground detention systems
Sewer pipe up to 18" DIP
Waterline up to 18" DIP including wet taps/line stops
All types of electrical conduit and boxes
Lights bases both poured in place and precast
Subgrade prep for asphalt/patching asphalt
Curbs & Sidewalks
Pumping and pumping and pumping of ungodly amounts of water (last job we just finished)

Just figured i'd have some of that out there so you know a little more about me.
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