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I just came across an old Post How Did You Find This Site? Welcome! posted by Paul (Sir Maxalot) (I'm a big fan of his youtube page and still look at his videos as he uploads them even that I don't do any taping) and what an honor it was having discussions with him and read his advise to others in here, he is a huge contributor like most in here...

So as I started to look through the old post's and came accross many old names, some are still here and some are long gone and I hope for all the good reasons and hopefully they are all doing well.
While going through it I came across my old post (don't remember posting) but there it is :laughing: and then I looked at my name and I noticed that its been 13 years since I joined CT and what a ride its been :thumbsup:

So I just wanna say what an honor its been meeting so many tallented hacks :laughing: in the construction trade industry and what a pleasure and honor it is to be part of CT Family and being able to learn from your experineces,and help others by sharing my knowledge and experience.

With that said, stay healthy my friends, and I look forward to spend another 13 years with you!
(God help me :censored::laughing::thumbsup:)


1 - 8 of 8 Posts