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What would help your business the most?

  • New supplies/tools

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What would most helpful for your business?

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What would be most helpful for your business?

If you had to choose the thing that would be most helpful for your business, what would it be:
A new vehicle? -or- Equivalent price in new supplies?
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...or equivalent in hookers :whistling
New vehicle would help (Lamborghini Diablo), but I'll take the equivalent price in new equipment.
I want the new Camaro, it seems like the perfect car to ride around and give quotes in.
I would clone myself and my best employee
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Some kind of stimulus package to create more work maybe
Customers willing to spend money!

Realistically, better marketing skills to get in front of the right customers would probably help the most right now. I'm getting all of the low ball calls suggesting My service call rate is too high for the "small jobs" they need completed.

I wonder if I offered to do it for free if they would take me up on it. Seriously, Leo changes $1 for an estimate and has people balk at that. WTF?
I got some stripper in the garage, if that dont do it then I got a heat gun and a sander, all you gotta do is ask and I will loan them to you
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better short term memory, energy
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I got some stripper in the garage, if that dont do it then I got a heat gun and a sander, all you gotta do is ask and I will loan them to you
Is that like a special topical creme?
Okay, so I guess I wil bring the seriousness required amongst all this jokularity.

I think the thing that would help my business and any other contractor business out there . . . Would be a better consumer education program relative to construction services. The consumer is ignorant of what is fair and unfair business practices relative to constuction. It appears as though the only education the consumer receives is via "construction horror stories" and crap learned from others that know even less about construction than they do.

Somebody needs to sit down with the consumer and explain that Contractors are not required to work for free when the perameters of the project change and that hiring unlicensed contractors could cost them a fortune in losses. I mean more than the hand-outs offered on a turn-style in the Building Department Office or on line at the local Contractors License Board.

Wouldn't it be nice if the consumer had enough knowledge to know when he is getting screwed, rather than believe he's getting screwed, when he isn't. Most consumers do not even understand that a $15.00 per hour employee costs the Contractor close to $30.00 per hour before the Contractors mark-up. (just a rough example)

It's just an idea, somebody else asked the question.
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What about a tool to turn around estimates faster? And help with marketing to the right costumers would be great for my business.
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