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What Type Of Thermostat

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I have a trane heat pump and a oil furnace each with there own thermostat, that type of thermostat do i need? what brands do you all reccomend and could i install it or does a pro need to do it? Thanks!
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I would go with the honeywell setup. It's not something you can pick up at HD, but at a local hvac supply house. I don't know your knowlge of wiring controls, but in general, it would be best to get a hvac guy to install it. If done incorrectly, a lot of time can be wasted.

Good luck
Thanks for the info. I was looking at a Honeywell VisionPRO® IAQ Thermostat would this work for my setup? Its for my own house but i will probably have it professional installed.
Yeah, the Vision-Pro is the type I recommend. A little pricey, but seeing as this is a 15-20 year investment, it's worthwhile. (easy to say when it's not my money):whistling
Thanks. I will start searching the net.
You have a separate heat pump, from the oil furnace?

As in the heat pump has its own air handler.

You'll need someone that knows how to add relays to use the Honeywell IAQ,. or any of the Vision pro models.
i have vision pros in my house, and usually put them in on most jobs.
They are a nice thermostat.

But. Still need a relay system. To use it on a heat pump with its own air handler, and an oil furnace.
i have vision pros in my house, and usually put them in on most jobs.
Granted, it's been two months since that post, and I totally misread that. I was under the impression that it was one air handler. I still think there is one air handler. I can't imagine two air handlers with one duct system. But, it does say two seperate t-stats. I hope the coil is in the return...:)

I wonder how they set it up originally.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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