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What tools do I really need?

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So I got the tool list:

I'm kind of wondering what else is good to have for doing HVAC/Electrical work? Time saver type stuff.

Like having a trenching shovel for clean out work in landscaping.

My tuition is already paid for and I'm getting a $5.5K grant that I can use to get goodies with. Plus my GI Bill every month.

I've been looking at the Wiha, Fluke, and Bosch websites, since I know those are good tools. I've also cruised the Klein website.

These looked nifty:

What do you guys have that you can't live without? What do you have that's just taking up space and you never use? What don't you have that you wish you did?
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That's basically what I did w/ landscaping tools and equipment. Buy it as I needed it. Now I have a $4K stump grinder that hasn't seen action in 18 months. Weird thing is I was renting one every week until I bought one. Now I can't get a stump grinding job to save my life. Funny how that works out.

I do need to get the stuff on the list by August 21.
Whaddya got? Anything on the list?
I was looking at this combo kit. Do you think that's a good one?
Thanks Warner. I'm new to these kinds of tools. My power tools are all cordless, they have gas engines on em. :D
By the way, what is an impact driver?
The Fastenal store in Moscow carries Wiha, Fluke, Bosch, and Klein. Do you think it's better to buy these tools local or go on-line? My landscape stuff I buy local because there aren't big discounts available at on-line retailers for Husqvarna.
I stopped in at the Fastenal store today. The clerk was really friendly and helpful. I showed him the tool list, told him what I was doing, and what my budget is. He's going to go through the Bosch, Wiha, and Fluke catalogs and put together a tool kit for me. I'll post up his recommendations when he emails them to me for you guys to critique.

Great service!
I used a Fluke 87III in the Coast Guard and thought it was pretty good. What's better than that? Fluke is the only one I have experience with so I can't really compare it to anything else to find its faults. What are better models? Why are they better? What design features do they have that Fluke doesn't?
1 - 9 of 37 Posts
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