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there is this deck 2 doors down from where i am building a deck, and i can bet there is no one on this site that can find another deck with this much eff up's, this thing is death

its a 2nd floor deck

list of faults

1. Post in floor
2. post goes rite up into deck board :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: there is no beam to support the joist.
3. post is held into the deck with post base cover things (dont know the name as i never used one)

much more problems but i was told by the home owner to shut my mouth, because the guy is a client at his lumber yard, the deck have not fallen yet because its a single lady lives there and never comes out on the deck, i will go over and take a look at it and take some pics when she is not home, i feel really bad not to say anything, but when the city comes by to check my work i dont know weather to shut my mouth or just nodd my head that way

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I've pointed out similar type problems on neighbouring decks directly to building inspectors in Toronto. Unless they receive a written complaint they won't do anything about it. Basically I was told that they were understaffed and didn't have the time to go around "looking" for violations.

About the only thing I would suggest/advise is to perhaps make a friendly visit and let her know the problems with her deck and that you're only pointing them out because they are safety hazards. I would wait until you're done the other deck though.

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If I find something that is safety-related, I draft a letter to the address and state who I am and the problem (as I see it.) I'm very careful to let them know that whether or not I or someone else does the work, the condition is a hazard and needs to be addressed ASAP.
I don't want the people thinking I'm trying to con them into unneeded repairs, but work that is a safety hazard needs to be corrected, by yourself or someone else who is presumably competent.

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if you see something dangerous, you should tell the homeowner and the building dept!(even if it means filing a report) you can buy lumber other places!

if you see shotty looking cosmetical errors or things you think you can do better than just wait till she askes you for a estimate!
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