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What Nut Would You Use?

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Hello All,

I've got a few lighting control systems to install before the end of the month and I've hooked up a little test/demo with them in my shop. The switches/dimmers/keypads all use 16AWG stranded tinned copper pigtails, the manufacturer supplies really crappy wirenuts that don't cinch up as tight as I would like.

For my little system I used the Idea Cantwist Wire Nuts and they worked alot better. I also tried T&B #31's as well as T&B ResiMarr, both wern't as nice as the can twist.

In mostly I will be joining directly to #14 or #12, yet sometimes I may need to connect my pigtail to up to 3 or 4 others.

Although I'm not physically doing the hook-up, my electrician is and I want to supply him with the best means of termination.

Any suggestions?
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Celtic do you use the 3m WCD-P looks like it would work well with my little Milwaukee drill i use.
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