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What Nut Would You Use?

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Hello All,

I've got a few lighting control systems to install before the end of the month and I've hooked up a little test/demo with them in my shop. The switches/dimmers/keypads all use 16AWG stranded tinned copper pigtails, the manufacturer supplies really crappy wirenuts that don't cinch up as tight as I would like.

For my little system I used the Idea Cantwist Wire Nuts and they worked alot better. I also tried T&B #31's as well as T&B ResiMarr, both wern't as nice as the can twist.

In mostly I will be joining directly to #14 or #12, yet sometimes I may need to connect my pigtail to up to 3 or 4 others.

Although I'm not physically doing the hook-up, my electrician is and I want to supply him with the best means of termination.

Any suggestions?
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Other than occasionally using the T&B HI-GR green grounding wing nut connectors, I try and avoid T&B twist-on wire connectors like the plague.
IMO, something about their spring design just isn’t right and it seems like every third one will not tighten down securely, so just ends up being thrown on the floor and swept into the trash at the end of the day. Their inconsistency in making reliable connections makes them way too much of a waste of time and money for my liking. I prefer Ideal, 3M, Topaz or even… gasp… GB over them.

Ideal also makes a nice little 71b baby gray wirenut for very small conductors.
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