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What are you using it on? On everything I use RectorSeal T+2. On black gas I will use RectorSeal #5.

I have used MegaLoc but I'm unimpressed. Its messy, doesn't wash out of your clothes and if the batch isn't a good batch, it will harden and become a thread locker. I've never used Keytite.

That TruBlue you're showing is a vibration resistant sealant. Not required for most applications.

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^^ Nothing in particular, just wanted some to keep with me for doing handyman work. I put in some pvc pipe in my dads basement for a water line a while back, I started out using a cheap joint compound, I don't remember what it was, but it was the only thing they had at the store. It was really runny, so I put it all together and it leaked. I went to a different store and bought another kind, this stuff was thicker, it looked like a better compound, but I put everything back together and it still leaked. I still haven't fixed it, it's still leaking now but it's a real minor drip.

I asked my friend about it, he said if it's pvc I need to use both teflon tape and a sealant. He said use Tru Blu with the tape and it won't leak. I don't know why he told me Tru Blu though.

I thought all sealants were the same, obviously they're not, but I'd like to keep a decent kind with me just for doing odd jobs. I read about all the ones mentioned here. Seems like the Megaloc is the strongest, but if it locks the threads so you can never get it off, that would not be good. Maybe since you both mentioned Rectorseal, the T plus 2 would be the best one.
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