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what is your area

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How far are you willing to travel. How many months can you spend away from your family for money?
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id go 3 and have done 3, not easy but worth it in the end.
i guess it all depends on how i come out in the end...i really could use some work that could catch me up on being slow for sometime...i could stand to go a few months also...

My first big one, away from my wife was in south Soiux city Neb. We did not see each other for three months, I spent that time in a Best Value inn north of the Tyson plant. The general converted that plant into a totaly new operation. It was an IBP . The most before that was two weeks at a time, I Have been in some **** holes, but I have always made it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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