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Hello All,

It is a very long story that I will not type. But it all relates to this unusual tool.
The most interesting thing about it is that when the hand crank is turned the
shaft rotates one way for about 180 Degrees and then is turns the opposite
direction by 360 Degrees. Then back to 180 and then the other way 360.

The Degrees are not exact every time so there is some +/- to them.

The Hand Crank will turn either way. Clockwise or Counter Clockwise. The
Rotation is smooth until the the shaft direction changes where there is a
detent of sorts when it changes.

With the big knob it give me the hint that it would be held against your gut
and the flange end is connected to something like a "rope"??

Ok, so now I will stop this typing with the big question!!

What is this TOOL used for?? And what is it CALLED??:unsure:

Thanks to all for your thoughts!!


My father had something like this when he worked on cars years ago when he repaired engines. He didn't have a lot of good tools but in one instance he would use me sitting on the end of a long metal forked rod that he made. I was about 6 years old. He;d stand me on a stool beside the car and have me sit down on the far end of the rod to compress the valve spring so he could get the keeper off of the valve stem. There wasn't too much else I could do to help him at that age but he did put me in charge.of putting the used oil cans on the draining rack to catch the last drops of oil from each can into a bottle. Anyone remember those draining racks? Depending on how soon you tipped the can back when putting oil in peoples car, you could fill up a quart bottle in no time. Every nickel counted. .
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