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What is my compressor worth?

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I Have a 210 CFM 125PSI sullivan palatek compressor with 650 hours. Its mounted on a 12' tandem axle trailer.

Exterior is in good shape.

How much it worth?


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Hmm , I'm looking at a used sulivan 450 with about 4000 hours, they want $8500. Does yours have an aftercooler with it?
i have an aftercooler , but not included in the setup. its a van air rated for 400 cfm i think.

plaza, why are you done? Th economy is picking up and there is stuff to do. The swimming pools are coming around and cars are picking up. What became of your company, you were going for it then you stopped

You have been absent for a quite some time talk at me in chat

chat is once again not working. I have to be at work at six. good night.......Mabey
I actually called van air because of the 450 sulivan I want to get. They only have coolers up to the 200 level. far as I know they never made them any larger. I don't know how you can tell by looking at one. Are you no longer blasting, I would think you would be selling the cooler to if you were what would you need it for otherwise. A good source for aftercoolers also is if anyone needs it. $2500 $300 in the 400 range.
Pananderson - Yea, i think im done.1) Sandblasting is too much of a hassle in NYC. 2) I cant get equipment to function right. 3) I have no storage for the equipment in NYC, its kept 1.5 hours away. 4) The only real paying job is in pools, but how often are people blasting their pools, not many in NY. 5) Blasting cars, hardly any request and not really worth it for only a $1000, remember, I also have another established company, so I can only take profitable work. 6) I think the setup is too huge for me.. maybe i would have been better with a smaller setup. 7) I tried to market to fire restoration, no 1 has heard of soda blasting.

After all thats said, id really like to stay in the business, hopefully it could take off, but i dont see that happening in NYC. Maybe if I could get a partner, then maybe... but for now.. Its downhill.

Im trying to weigh my options, as I still have all the equipment, maybe i can branch into other work since i have the air compressor... I dunno..

I wanted to be different, I wanted to be a specialty contractor, I was always fascinated with blasting until it came the day and i purchased equipment. Out of 3 jobs, 2 failed. It suck, but im left with no choice, i have to sell to cash out before my equipment turns antique.
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plaza, sorry to hear that. I met a couple in 2004 on my honey moon in Mexico. They were from New York state, after about three nights of talking about the city they made it very clear to me new york state is not the same as New york city. They have dairy farms and agriculture there, before you quit get outside the city, look up fertlizer in new york look for a whole sale uan 28% or 32% liquid fertilizer. You may have to drive six hours for work but then you will be unique you got out of the city and seen where your food comes from. Dont be so NYC centric, all roads lead to Rome not NYC.
I'm about in the same position Plaz...A trailer here, a car frame there.. Just not keeping busy as I want. All of my equipment is paid for and I am sitting on it with the hopes a new company will roll into town and need some blasting work. I am the only one around but people do not want to pay for the service...Seems when I quote them a price they are shell shocked, they would rather use a grinder. I don't know where I am heading with this whole thing.. Pools are not an option in Indiana, not to many around. Only time will tell.

killzone, out all people Im am shocked to learn you may be done also. You live in the sticks. im going right now to check out your profile. and try to help

kill, the standard fertilizer company, Greens Burge Inc. Koch Fetilizer Crawfordsville 4904north highway 231, Indiana Griain co LLC, the yellow book fertilizer Indiana. Go look These things up and find a gold mine you may have to drive some. I could find work for everyone but I have a family to. I think instead of getting full of coal slag and fertilizer every day I should broker jobs
Im not throwing in the towel yet... But it has crossed my mind:sad: The places you speak of do most of there own blasting. In this rural farm community 1hr from Indianapolis, and 30 min to Dayton Ohio, they got it all covered. I can't put 100% into this business like I would want to. I have another full-time job that pays the bills. I would like to retire into this line of work but don't seem to be happening right now. I will probably keep the equipment and keep putting business cards out. For now thats all I can do. I have lots of people that I trust to run the epuipment and do quality work but they all have full-time jobs. I am so CORNFUSED!!!! If the only people who need sandblasting is family, then holding on to the equipment is well worth its weight in gold. I would just like to make a little cash if I can. Only time can tell.
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