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What does a new staffing business have to do to get job supers to give them a chance

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I am constantly going out every day trying to get contractors to use my staffing service. Since most of you already have a supplier you don't even listen to what we have to offer. Our rates are anywhere from 50 cents to 1.50 cents cheaper an hour than our competitors. We also provide equal or better service than our competitors, because truthfully when you are considering a daily staffing agency to use we all get our recruits from the same resources. However, the bigger companies that you currently use often do not even take time to analyze the people they send you. They have so much business that they just send the first drunk through the door.If you are a contractor in the Central Florida area and you want to save money, and get the same or better service that your current staffing provider is providing. Then give me a call at ******* and ask for Casey. I guarantee you will be glad you did when you see that your getting quality service at a much better price.
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First, let me welcome you to the board....

Second, let me point you to our advertising policies:

Once you have read these you will see why I had to remove your phone number. Its a good question though and I'm sure you will get some response.
Where are you in Central Florida? I live in Clermont.

Same drunks, different company.
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