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What do you use for automatic backup?

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I have a contractor friend that needs a set it and forget it incremental backup program.

I have already set him up with carbonite, raid mirror, and I've already done an image of his clean install, but if there's a fire he want's to grab his usb drive, not his tower..

I've tried 2 separate programs but the 2 I've tried needed to be babysat and that just won't work. He's using a Vista x86 workstation and I want to do an on-site backup to a tera-byte usb hard drive.

Any suggestions?
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At one time I used a software that I got off of the internet. It was automatic. But then I got a new computer and Vista already had one. I have it on automatic. It backs up the hard drive one time and then only backups what has changed. After a while I will go in and clean it out and start if over. It usually takes about 2 months between "cleanings". I have it backing up to my external drive.

There are some online versions but I do not know anything about them.
1 quick catch, make sure that one of them backs up all files modified within X days (without using the backup check bit) If you don't you will end up with some files being on A and others on B - but not both

I used to use Verita's Backup Exec when I was in IT - seeing they have been bought out by Symantec, well I don't know

I just use the program that came with Vista, now
yeah, I didn't even try the vista program, nothing else works right on that stupid OS so I kind of gave up on it.

I might have to give it a shot now though.
I use Carbonite

I just had a mishap with bookkeeping and was able to get it back very easy.

$49.00 per year no lost data Priceless!
Thanks TPI, did you read my first post?
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