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What do you prefer? Install siding first and then the eaves/soffits or vice versa?

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What do you prefer? Install siding first and then the soffits or vice versa?

I'm working on a project where we plan to use cedar T&G for the soffits and then Hardie vertical panels (batten board style).

Which do you prefer to install first and for what reasons?

  1. Install the siding first and then run the T&G under the soffits to the siding.
  2. Install the T&G under the soffits first and then run the siding to the T&G.

I can't think of any reason one way is better then the other but maybe others here can share some good reasons to go with one over the other.
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I would run the t&g soffit first then the panels. Much easier to get the t&g together, giving a bit of room to work them together. Either way you might need a trim piece to finish it off.
I bet its 50/50 ...We used to run the vinyl all the way up strike a line and zip screw the j to the siding then do soffit.etc.
work your way up with siding first. While your at the top do the soffit. Saves time IMO
siding up to soffit in most cases.
first blocking for the back of the soffit,then soffit then packing,run the siding to the packing then add a frieze


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I prefer to get soffit done, all fascia work, then side up it.

Depending on crew size, guy or guys up high and guys getting siding started low in a different section.
it depends on how much scaffold we have on site typically, if we have enough to set up a tower all the way up a wall right from the get go. 1 guy goes up and does soffit while hte siding gets started below by a couple guys,

as the siding gets going while one is finising up 2 guys start another wall starting low as the staging gets free`d up then the soffit will go on. we never run vinyl up through and then install the trim over it..
I prefer to run my soffits first. The main reason for this is I don't use a level for siding. I pull a line off each corner of the house. Sometimes the fascia is ran out of level or has irregularities in it. If I run the soffits first I can fix this and then when I pull my string it's perfect.

I also will never will trap the siding behind the soffit.

A good example of why is one of the projects we are on now. Cedar shingle ran all the way up, then they nailed a cedar 1x6 freeze over it, then they screwed aluminum j-channel to the 1x6 freeze.

Since we are only replacing the siding, we are having to cut all the cedar at the bottom of the 1x6 freeze otherwise all the soffits come down with it.
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