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What do you do?

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If you don't have a trailer to keep your siding in? Do you leave at the job or drag it around with you in the pickup? I don't have the money to spend on a trailer and was wondering what others do. I don't want to leave siding sitting around because the damn theives might run off with it.
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Don't leave till it's done!:w00t::w00t::w00t:
If there's a problem like that- get a shipping container.
They're pretty cheap here- don't know about where you are.
Just cut all the straps on the pallets of brick, then they can't be stolen with a machine. Go ahead and stock the job, and the brick will be pretty well spread out. Don't leave any tongs or forks lying around.
Dont sell a job in that side of town? We just did a 34sq job in "da hood" before the snow fell...and when i say "da hood" i mean a guy was shot 2 weeks prior less than a block from where we worked, the homeowner's had been broken into twice and had since installed a ADT security system, 3 times the po po were called out because of "suspicous folks" wandering around our trucks/equipment at the rear of the property. All the trucks were locked down, and i've invested in a Master cable lock system...pretty slick deal actually, to tie up all the ladders/planks/brake/siding table/etc......any loose tools got thrown cube van.

Siding and accessories i'm not to worried about, we just put the materials on a set of big/long wooden saw horses in plain veiw of everybody and tarp it everyday when we're done...kind of deters prying eye's when they cant easily see what's under the tarp. I did put the coil stock in the bus though since aluminum rolls would be easily stolen and actually be worth something...i just could'nt imagine a guy/s running down the road with a 2sq box of siding under their arms LOL!! Much less taking the time to throw accessory blocks into something and make off with them. IF they truely want to steal your stuff...they will, we all know that, so even a trailer is of no real deterant since with the advent of cordless tools, thieves have taken to cutting through the sides of trailers/buildings/homes to gain access vs pizzing around with breaking padlocks.

So if it's really that big of a concern, you'll have to suck it up for now and keep it in your truck, OR look into renting a storage box of some sort...POD unit possibly?
Yeah we just tarp the materials.
Only ever had mortar and shingles stolen for materials.
Really are you haveing theft problem?

Yeah our shop got broken into the axed there way right through the side of the building. Must have been on foot because they only stole what they could carry/wheel on our two wheel cart they stole.
I'm just getting started in the business so I have not had any problems. Just seems like anymore if it ain't anchored down someone will run off with it.
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